Annex Command

This tool is mostly for debugging. It could be used in a build process as well.

Demo of the annex library and consistent regular expressions (CREs).

  annex [options] to-py 
  annex [options] from-py 
  annex [options] to-ere
  annex [options] from-ere
  annex [options] grep 
  annex [options] cre-highlight
  annex [options] tpe-highlight
  annex -h | --help
  annex --version


  to-py          Convert CRE to Python RE.
  from-py        Convert Python RE to CRE.
  to-ere         Convert CRE to egrep ERE.
  from-ere       Convert egrep ERE to CRE.
  cre-highlight  Write HTML syntax-highlighted version of CRE read from
  tpe-highlight  Write HTML syntax-highlighted version of TPE read from
  grep           Filter lines from stdin and print them on stdout.

  -v --verbose   Show verbose output.

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